7 Letters to My Daughters: Light Lessons of Love, Leadership, and Legacy

According to popular science, as the cells in the human body constantly die and are replenished, every cell in the body will be replaced with a new one within a seven-year period. After each seven-year period, human beings can literally become a new version of themselves from the inside to the outside. Rani Puranik uses this principle to define her purpose and identity within 7 Letters to My Daughters. Each seven-year period of life is marked by distinct experiences, perceptions and lessons. From growing up in a country foreign to her family to finding strength during a tumultuous and scarring divorce, to finally understanding a greater purpose and independence in spite of cultural norms, Rani Puranik shares lessons of life, love and leadership in 7 Letters to My Daughters, a roadmap crafted to equip not only her daughters but the daughters of the world.  Puranik serves as a companion, mentor―and even daughter―for readers seeking to grow through adversity, move forward no matter the circumstance, and define who they are and what they want.  She hopes to guide individuals in the right direction, toward becoming the best version of themselves as a person and establishing a legacy for the next generations to pass life’s tests.

مؤلف:Rani Puranik
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