Thats Wrong!: A Story About Learning to Disagree Appropriately

Eye rolls, pouty faces, and angry declarations. That's how Isaac reacts when he disagrees with his coach, his mom, and his friends. He acts rude, dismissive, and disrespectful.When he can't be team captain, Isaac stomps away and threatens not to play anymore. When he's told homework must come before fun, he sasses back to his mom and gets sent to his room. When he refuses to listen to a classmate's opinion, he must redo an entire assignment. Isaac doesn't know how to disagree appropriately or respectfully, and it's creating problems at home and in the classroom. With help from a caring teacher and his loving Mom, Isaac learns four specific steps that will help him respond in more appropriate ways when he has a disagreement. If he can master these steps, he will be able to stand up for himself while still being respectful toward others, realize that it's okay to have disagreements if done the right way, understand that sometimes he must agree to disagree, and be empowered to accept answers or results he doesn't like. That's Wrong! is a must-read story filled with helpful lessons about managing conflict, learning to negotiate, accepting comprises, and disagreeing respectfully. A special page written specifically for parents and educators offers tips on teaching and reinforcing the skill of disagreeing appropriately.

مؤلف:Bryan Smith Lisa M. Griffin
Isbn 10:1944882995
Isbn 13:978-1944882990
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دار نشر:Boys Town Press
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