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Isbn 13: 979-8987426616

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D doesn't believe in ghosts. Not really. But they may ruin his life anyway. Recently released from prison, D's just trying to live a normal life in his hometown of St. Louis. He has a job, an apartment, and a girlfriend he adores. But the city has changed since he's been away. Something otherworldly lurks behind its storefronts, inside its houses and apartments, unheeded by almost everyone but D. His unease turns to panic when confronted with visions of past lives, visions only he can see. And if he can't control his panic it may trigger what he fears more than any ghost: a return to the cage that swallowed twelve years of his life. Hope arrives in the form of a middle-aged schoolteacher who doesn't believe in ghosts either. However, she also senses what D senses and, more important, controls and even eliminates the phenomena. Desperate to learn how, D joins her in a battle against something neither of them understand, for unknown stakes, and with risks that would terrify them if only they knew. And somebody does...

مؤلف :Gareth Ian Davies
Isbn 13 :979-8987426616
عدد الصفحات :210 صفحات
دار نشر :Gareth Ian Davies
لسان :الإنجليزية
الأبعاد والأبعاد :13.97 x 1.6 x 21.59 cm
منشور من طرف Imprints of the Past:26 يناير 2023